When patients trust you to deliver precise, predictable results, you need professional-grade tools that perform every time. Our selection of specialty aesthetics needles, cannulas, syringes, and other supplies gives you everything you need to administer treatment formulations accurately, effectively, and affordably. 

Whether you’re a small business or a full-service medical aesthetics practice, Air-Tite has the specialty needles, syringes, and day-to-day supplies you need to provide expert care with confidence while keeping costs under control.

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Quality Products

Leading aesthetics professionals trust Air-Tite for quality products from the world’s most respected manufacturers, including TSK Laboratory’s ultra-fine-gauge hypodermic needles and STERiGLIDE™ microcannulas.

Efficient Delivery

In aesthetics, precision counts. Tools like low dead space needles and syringes are designed to help both your patients and practice by delivering exactly the right dose precisely where it’s needed while minimizing costly waste.



Professional service means never compromising quality for price. Air-Tite’s best-in-class aesthetics products are always reasonably priced so you and your team can focus on outstanding service and exceptional customer care.

Stay Sharp. Stay Safe. Stay Economical.

Ensure perfect placement of aesthetic toxins, dermal fillers, and topicals with maximum patient comfort every time.  Choose durable hypodermics that stay sharp during multi-injection treatments.  Pick dependable luer lock syringes and thin-walled needles for low-viscosity fillers. 

Whatever your aesthetics application, Air-Tite is the leading source of quality brand-name needles, syringes, and other injectables equipment, all at affordable prices. 

Air-Tite products are available directly from our warehouses or through popular medical suppliers including Cardinal, Delasco, Henry Schein, McKesson, and Medline.

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The CuraCator™ Technique

There are currently a few different techniques used to apply PRP, exosomes, serums, ointments, and creams after skin procedures. The most common method is by dripping expensive products directly onto the skin with an open-ended syringe, which is extremely uncontrolled and wasteful. This approach also opens the risk for splatter into a patient’s eye. Another inefficient current technique is to attach a needle to the syringe as an attempt to control the placement and flow of the product, but this is extremely dangerous. If the patient moves suddenly or the syringe is dropped, the chance of a needle stick injury to the patient or provider is very likely. The CuraCator™ provides the solution to needle-free and controlled application of these expensive products to skin.