What You Need to Start an Aesthetics Practice

What You Need to Start an Aesthetics Practice

Low dead space needles and syringes are a great choice for starting an aesthetics practice

Starting an aesthetics practice is an exciting but overwhelming venture. However, breaking down the process step-by-step can keep you from feeling stressed as you turn your dream clinic into a reality.

Before you start shopping, plan carefully not to over- or under-buy supplies and equipment needed for aesthetic treatments. It’s also a good idea to narrow down the services you’d like to provide and roll out new services as your practice grows.

For instance, consider focusing on laser treatments, injectables, permanent makeup, or more invasive fat removal and plastic surgery procedures. Targeting a specific aesthetic goal (such as anti-aging or body contouring) can help you manage inventory, find qualified staff members, and enter into a niche market.

Here’s what you’ll need to keep your new aesthetics practice business running smoothly.

Basic Supplies for Starting an Aesthetics Practice

As you build your business, stock up on single-use items like alcohol prep pads and non-woven 4x4 gauze, which tend to run out quickly. Also, depending on how many providers you have, it’s wise to keep a couple of extra boxes of supplies in the office to give you enough time to order refills and avoid running out.

You’ll also need plenty of protective gloves to keep your employees and patients safe during exams and procedures. Air-Tite Aesthetics offers powder-free nitrile exam gloves that are soft, comfortable, and more resistant to accidental punctures than vinyl or latex gloves.

Additionally, your practice can help support breast cancer research by buying from our line of pink products! Air-Tite donates 5% of sales of our newest syringe (featuring a pink plunger), the MinimLL syringe to breast cancer research and awareness organizations. Air-Tite also donates 5% of sales of our pink nitrile gloves to this cause, while the manufacturer of these gloves donates an additional 5% of their profits. Our pink procedure masks support this cause as well, with a 10% sales donation from Air-Tite.

Tools & Equipment Needed for Aesthetics Injections

Most aesthetics practices use fixed-needle insulin syringes to inject neurotoxins, fillers, or numbing agents. Some choose to upgrade to low dead space needles and syringes to provide a better patient experience while avoiding waste of expensive injectable products.

In addition, you can shop Air-Tite Aesthetics’ wide range of microcannulas (including award-winning TSK STERiGLIDE microcannulas) to handle all your client needs. For sizing assistance of needles and microcannulas, please see our Sizing Guide.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to invest in comfortable treatment chairs along with plenty of marking pencils, sharps containers, and needle holders.

For practices that offer microneedling or laser resurfacing treatments, you can offer services using the CuraCator, a sterile, single-use applicator ideal for applying liquid, creams, and ointments to the skin safely and effectively.

Client satisfaction is paramount for any new business. As you establish your reputation, keep clients happy by offering the ICE-STICK Aesthetic Cooling Device. This reusable device provides at least 40 minutes of cooling sensation to reduce puffiness, swelling, sensitivity, and itchiness. Some practices will add their own labels onto these and sell them to clients to bring home and use for post-procedure swelling, while acting as a useful marketing piece.

Money-Saving Tips

You can save money and simplify the process of stocking your new aesthetics practice by taking advantage of Air-Tite’s aesthetic starter bundles. Some of our popular packages include:

  • Filler Starter Bundle: 15% off total order for practices that are new to filler injections (use the code FILLERKIT1)


  • Neurotoxin Starter Bundle: 15% off total order for practices that only perform neurotoxin injections (use the code TOXKIT1)


  • Filler and Neurotoxin Starter Bundle: 20% off total order for practices doing both treatments (use the code AESTHETICSKIT1)


Although our starter bundles are an Air-Tite exclusive offer, you may be able to get free shipping and/or other discounts when purchasing from one of our distribution partners. For items you’re definitely going to use, buying in bulk (case versus box) can also help lower your total expenses.

For larger medical devices and office furniture, you can look into low-interest financing or small business loans to roll these upfront costs into your business plan. As you shop around, be sure to opt for FDA-approved products with warranties and service plans to protect your investment.

Outfitting Your Aesthetics Practice with the Right Staffing & Systems

The people and systems you put in place can make or break your budding aesthetics practice.

As you interview potential employees, you’ll want to look for individuals with a combination of strong technical skills and good people skills. After all, starting a successful aesthetics practice depends on building trust and ongoing relationships with clients. Clients must feel heard and respected throughout the treatment process, so patience, kindness, and listening skills are a definite must for everyone in the office.

Finding efficient and reliable software to manage bookings, payments, and documentation is equally important. Late or missed appointments and payment issues can become deal-breakers for both you and your customers. In addition to investing in quality programs and technology, you’ll need to ensure that staff is properly trained on how to use it and provided with support and resources to troubleshoot problems.

Although legal and medical paperwork is necessary for any aesthetics practice, streamlining the process as much as possible will keep clients from becoming frustrated and impatient.

Look for ways to cut back on the time and effort required to schedule and reschedule appointments, submit payments, and get questions answered. Finding ways for your clients to use their preferred mode of communication can improve their user experience. Fortunately, several HIPPA-compliant apps and programs enable texting and email communication options to provide convenience and protect patient privacy.

Set Your New Aesthetics Practice Up For Success

Making clever business decisions helps secure a brighter future for your aesthetic practice. By passing the savings along to customers and reinvesting money into your business (upgrading your equipment and rewarding employees), you’ll ensure a thriving practice with a positive outlook and staying power.

Click below to learn how Air-Tite can help you get the most bang for your buck with our starter bundles as you plan to open your new aesthetics practice.

Aesthetic Starter Bundles