How To Save Money With Low Dead Space Needles

How To Save Money With Low Dead Space Needles

There are many ways to help improve the profitability of your aesthetics practice, Med Spa, or clinic. Buying in bulk, reducing expensive toxin waste, and improving customer retention rates are just a few of the many ways to increase cash flow.

Low Dead Space (LDS) needles can help you achieve all three of those cost savings goals and then some. A recent report by TSK Laboratory Europe B.V found that:

“As well as having exceptional sharpness to the needles, and the highest quality standards and materials employed, the LDS hub is designed to reduce, as close to ZERO as possible, the space left behind in the needle hub, leading to significant cost savings when injecting high-cost drugs or precious vaccine materials that are in short supply and high demand.”

Read on to learn more about the various ways that your aesthetic practice or Med Spa can save money with low dead space needles.

Evaluate Your Processes

The first step in determining the overall savings is to evaluate the cost of the product versus the cost of the LDS needle and the LDS syringe combination. Doing the math will help you determine if the additional expense is worthwhile.

LDS needles tend to be of higher quality than standard ones, which should result in the ability to inject a patient more times with a single needle, especially in male patients. However, it’s important to confirm this for yourself by monitoring the response of the patient and asking for verbal feedback.

A standard syringe with a standard hub needle can have a dead space of 99uL, which is roughly 1 unit (1:1 ratio) of neurotoxin(r) at an average cost to the practice of $6 / unit and $12 / unit to the patient.

Patient Benefits & Increased Revenue

LDS needles can provide more accurate dosing and may allow the injector to utilize more of the botulinum neurotoxin (BoNT) in the syringe or vial. They also tend to be higher in quality than many standard needles due to the science involved in the design, leading to a potentially less painful and more enjoyable procedure. 

When patients feel as if they received the maximum amount for their investment and enjoyed a more comfortable experience, they will be inclined to return and tell their friends about their positive experience.

How Much Money Can You Save With Low Dead Space Needles?

The most popular neurotoxins typically cost the average medical practice about $6.00 per unit. When using a standard hub needle with a standard syringe (non-LDS), the dead space may lead to a loss of 1 unit within the syringe of unrecoverable medicine.

For example, suppose that the clinician has ten syringes with ten units in each and ten needles. If using conventional needles and syringes, the clinician may lose up to 10 units of toxin ($60 cost to practice, ~$120 cost to the patient), but utilize nearly all of the medicine when using an LDS syringe with an LDS hub needle. Over time, these savings can become even more significant.

Lori Robertson, MSN, FNP-C, and winner of the 2012 & 2015 Aesthetic Nurse of the Year, recently shared a video on social media of her experience with low dead space needles. In her testimonial, she shows a real-world example of how she saved approximately one vial of toxin per box.

Advances in Low Dead Space Needle Technology

Low Dead Space needles are a relatively new concept that TSK Laboratory recently introduced in the US. Air-Tite is pleased to announce that we will be carrying four new sizes in the summer of 2021:

The new INViSIBLE NEEDLE offers additional benefits, such as:

  • Near-painless patient experience
  • 33% thinner than a standard 30G insulin needle
  • Noticeably sharper than regular needles
  • Minimal bruising
  • Near ZERO product loss in hub
  • Reduced risk of “pop-off”
  • Quantifiable savings of BoNT per LDS needle
  • Significant cost savings over time

The INViSIBLE NEEDLE will be the first and thinnest needle of its kind to date on the market when released. The tiny diameter allows for a much less painful patient experience and is ideal for BoNT injections.

How Much Money Can Your Practice Save?

Low dead space needles can help reduce product waste while significantly improving patient satisfaction. The result is a happier patient who will be more inclined to return and tell their friends and family.

If your practice is still using traditional needles for toxin injections, consider the cost savings you may realize when upgrading to the TSK Low Dead Space needles. At Air-Tite, we carry a wide range of LDS needles, LDS 1cc. syringes, and accessories that may add value to your aesthetic practice or Med Spa.

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