What Is a General Purpose Syringe?

What Is a General Purpose Syringe?

You may have heard the term “general purpose syringe,” but what does that really mean? Syringes are often taken for granted, yet they’re an indispensable daily tool used for lab, medical, veterinary, and aesthetic applications.

In today’s article, we discuss general use syringes and the value they’ll add to your practice or business. Read on to learn more and then let us know if you have questions.

General Syringes 101

General-purpose syringes are typically disposable and made out of polypropylene (most commonly) plastic. They’re both used for a wide range of purposes; however, not every application is appropriate for disposable, single-use, general-purpose syringes.

For example, some laboratories or institutions might require an extremely high degree of precision. To meet that need, companies may offer microliter syringes for very fine dosing of tiny aliquots. Other lab or industrial users may have sensitive applications. But if they were to use a plastic disposable syringe there’s a chance that the contents inside could leach minuscule amounts of plasticizers from it.

The overarching concept behind a general purpose syringe is that it doesn’t have a single, specific use. Rather, they are effectively used for applications ranging from those found in compounding pharmacies and industrial manufacturing to health care applications like vaccine injections and IV treatments.

ISO Standards

The International Standards Organization (ISO) is a group of scientists and experts who develop and publish international standards. General purpose syringes are tested to specific ISO standards, such as:

  • ISO 10993—relates to Biological evaluation
  • ISO 11737, 15223, and 11135—sterilization
  • ISO 7886—chemical, physical qualities (materials, strength tests, etc.)
  • ISO 13485—for all medical devices
  • ISO 9001—is a very generalized ISO for a quality system
  • ISO 80369—relates to the Luer fitting specifically - this is an important one because it allows any ISO syringe to function with any ISO needle (or other attachments such as tubing, valves, etc.)

These ISO standards ensure the quality and safety of the syringes.

General Syringes for Lab/Pharma Use

As mentioned earlier, there is a wide range of usages for lab/pharmaceutical general use syringes including:

  • Academic centers, Biotech, Pharma
  • Alternative medicine
  • B12 injections
  • Batch production samples
  • Blood draw and injection of PRP
  • Blood draw for pregnancy tests in animal health blood samples for a variety of purposes (even checking chickens for influenza)
  • Cattle shots
  • CBD
  • Chemical analysis for food, dietary, nutritional, cosmetics, and personal care
  • Compound pharmaceutical operations
  • Filler delivery
  • Glues
  • HCG injections
  • Investigational cancer drug treatments
  • IV treatments
  • Kit production (as a component)
  • Medication delivery
  • Miradry treatment
  • Paint samples
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Physical medicine
  • Quality Control
  • R&D mouse tests (and other tests)
  • Soil sampling for environmental testing
  • Solvents
  • University research labs for nearly anything
  • Used in automotive, semiconductors, NASA, and other industrial applications
  • Vaccinations

Ultimately, general purpose syringes are used in nearly every industry in some way. If you are interested in using a general purpose syringe but aren’t sure if it will meet your needs, please contact us. We can send you samples so you can test their suitability for the intended application.

Air-Tite General Purpose Syringes

At Air-Tite, we carry a wide range of general purpose syringes. There are a few caveats, however. For example, our Oral Dose syringes are considered both a general purpose and a specialty syringe. This is true because they may be used for any kind of oral medication—but not for hypodermic injections.

Lab/Vet use syringes are another example. While they perform the same functions as the other syringes, they have not been registered with the FDA as a medical device for human healthcare use. This allows a less expensive option for laboratory and animal health applications that do not require the same level of regulations.

Here are a few popular general-purpose syringe options from Air-Tite:

2-Part Luer Slip BULK Unsterile Syringes

These NORM-JECT® syringes are ideal for any application that requires a non-reactive, inert syringe. These plastic syringes are latex-free and do not contain oil, rubber, styrene, or DEHP.


2-Part Luer Lock Syringes


These HENKE-JECT® and NORM-JECT® syringes are made from laboratory-grade polypropylene and polyethylene. These syringes are an excellent choice for applications that need an inert, non-reactive syringe.


EXEL Syringe (with fixed needle)

These Tuberculin-marked syringes are sterile, non-pyrogenic, non-toxic, and latex-free. They have clear graduations, bold printing, and siliconized gaskets that allow for a smooth consistent plunger motion.


Air-Tite Luer Slip Syringes

Air-Tite brand Luer Slip Syringes are economical, but extremely high-quality. We manufacture them in China to our strict standards. Every size has a centrip tip, except for the 30ml, which has an eccentric tip. These syringes are intended for Lab/Veterinary usage only.


Which General-Purpose Syringe is Right for You?

We carry an extensive selection of general-purpose syringes for a wide range of industries and applications that will meet or exceed your requirements. Click below to learn more about our products, or contact us with questions or sample requests.

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