Syringe Connectors: What You Need to Know

Syringe Connectors: What You Need to Know

IM57-400 female-to-female syringe connector

Syringe connectors provide sterile connections between drug delivery devices, and are a must-have for many medical practices, including those in the human health, veterinary, and laboratory fields. These easy-to-use devices are commonly found in aesthetic medspas, pharmacies, and clinics. They are sometimes referred to as syringe adapters, luer adapters, H transfer connectors, rapid fill connectors, syringe transfer connectors, or syringe transfer devices. These handy devices are essential for the efficient mixing and/or transferring of a variety of substances. Syringe connectors help lead to better outcomes and major cost savings for you and your clients.

Syringe Connector Uses

Common applications for these connectors include:

  • Adding lidocaine or other topical anesthetic agents
  • Fat transfer procedures
  • Drug dilution, reconstitution, and transfer
  • Optimizing the hyperdilution of pricey aesthetic products like Radiesse for skin rejuvenation

Different Types of Syringe Connectors

Syringe connectors are versatile and interchangeable. The three basic types of syringe connectors include:

  • Female-to-female connectors which connect two male tips (most commonly found on syringes)
  • Male-to-male connectors that attach a female connection to another female connection
  • Male-to-female connectors where one side connects to a female device and the other connects to a male port

Each of these three connector types can be found with different connection mechanisms: luer lock-to-luer lock, luer slip-to-luer slip, and luer slip-to-luer lock. Although Air-Tite’s connectors are designed to work with luer lock syringes on both ends, they are still able to connect with luer slip syringes, though the locking function is not engaged with luer slip tips.

Luer lock female connections contain external threading to provide a more secure fit to a male luer lock tip. The threading is found internally on male luer lock connectors.

Syringe connectors can also be found in both guarded and unguarded options. Guarded options offer additional protection against touch contamination. For those wanting an unguarded option, Air-Tite offers a female-to-female luer lock adapter for those applications. This is a fantastic choice for those needing small quantities at a low cost, as these connectors are available as individual pieces, rather than full box quantities.

Lastly, syringe connectors can be manufactured from different materials. Although the most commonly found are disposable, one-time-use plastic options, some providers prefer a metal version that can be sterilized and reused for specific applications like surgical fat grafting.

Benefits of Syringe Connectors

Without a connector, professionals are left mixing products in substandard locations, such as the vial. This practice can make mixing less effective, especially if the vial is too small to contain the full volume of the dilution and desired product. Attempting to mix or dilute expensive medical products without a connector leads to avoidable contamination and unnecessary waste.

Our female-to-female connectors enable a tight seal, perfect for transferring or mixing both fluids and gases. Large finger grips make it easier to safely manipulate the device, and individual sterile packaging reduces the risk of contamination.

When used correctly, our IM57-400 connectors result in very minimal fluid loss (an estimated 0.07mL) with their unique design which prevents leaks. This fluid loss can be reduced to virtually nothing if aspirating “down to the last drop” with the receiving syringe.

A built-in drip tray catches any lost fluid droplets, and first air is enhanced over the connection port with the patented notch design.

Shop Air-Tite’s Female-to-Female Connectors

Air-Tite is your resource for high-quality syringe connectors like the female-to-female IMI connector previously described. You can count on this device manufactured in the USA under rigorous quality standards. IMI has served the healthcare industry for over 50 years, earning a reputation for excellence and reliability.

In addition to these connectors, Air-Tite offers a remarkable selection of syringes and other devices for human health, aesthetics, veterinary medicine, and lab or industrial uses.

We’ve been around since 1926. As a licensed importer from over 10 industry leaders around the world, we stock our inventory from only the best manufacturers. As a result, Air-Tite guarantees the caliber of products you and your clients deserve.

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