THE INViSIBLE NEEDLE™ vs. the 30G Needle for Botox®

THE INViSIBLE NEEDLE™ vs. the 30G Needle for Botox®

Allergan, the maker of Botox®, has long recommended that practitioners use a standard 30g needle for injections. However, this is far from the only option available.

As the years went by, many plastic surgeons and injectors realized that patient satisfaction is one of the essential elements of running a successful practice. After all, despite being labeled as a “non-invasive treatment,” having a seemingly huge needle stuck into your face countless times isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. Bleeding, pain, bruising, and general discomfort are just a few of the many side effects that can often occur.

The push for improved patient satisfaction levels led to the invention of newer and smaller diameter needles that deliver superior results over the traditional 30g. Many medical studies have confirmed that Botox® injection pain is reduced when using smaller gauge needles.

The most recent technological innovation to hit the market is THE INViSIBLE NEEDLE™ by TSK. Read on to learn more about THE INViSIBLE NEEDLE™ vs. the 30g needle for Botox® and the benefits it can offer your plastic surgery or Medspa practice.

30G Needle for Botox® Injections

April 18th, 2002, was a historical milestone in the non-invasive cosmetic treatment industry. On that date, the FDA approved the usage of Botox® for temporary smoothing of frown lines between the eyebrows.

Seemingly overnight, plastic surgery, dermatology, and Medspa offices were flooded with patients who wanted to look years younger thanks to this remarkable new treatment. At that time, the 30g needle was the gold standard for toxin delivery.

However, the needle had one big drawback—it was physically big (relatively speaking). Discomfort, pain, bruising, and bleeding often accompanied each procedure. Patients had no other alternative options but to grin and bear it.

Harvinder S. Gill, Ph.D. and Mark R. Prausnitz, Ph.D. released a study in 2007 that found:

“...insertion of a 27- or 28-gauge needle had an approximately 50% chance of being reported as painful, which was significantly greater than the insertion of a 31-gauge needle, which had a 39% chance of causing pain. The likelihood of bleeding was also observed to decrease with decreasing needle diameter.”

Whether or not Allergan realized that a 30g needle could cause these unwanted side effects is up for debate. However, changes to the delivery device (i.e., from 30g to 34g) required registration of the proposed revisions with the FDA, which would take considerable time and money—and offer very little benefit to Allergan—since it wasn’t likely to affect the sales of Botox® one way or another.

THE INViSIBLE NEEDLE™ for Botox® Injections

THE INViSIBLE NEEDLE™ is the first needle of its kind and TSK’s thinnest needle available to date. Technology advancements have made it possible to make this needle 33% thinner than a 30G needle (used for insulin syringes) and 14% thinner than the TSK 33G needle.

This extremely small diameter of THE INViSIBLE NEEDLE™ results in a near painless experience for patients and is ideal for BoNT injections.

It offers the following benefits:

  • Minimal bruising
  • Near painless experience
  • Significant cost savings
  • Less bleeding
  • A Low Dead Space needle hub

A robust external hub threading helps to reduce pop-off risk and help prevent leaking. This patented hub boasts an extremely hard polymer fitting that prevents flexing under high pressures.

This is TSK Laboratory’s thinnest aesthetic needle ever made at 0.2mm in diameter. It results in a near painless experience for patients and is ideal for BoNT injections. In addition, it has a remarkable low dead space needle hub that’s designed to help reduce product loss to nearly ZERO, potentially leading to significant cost savings.

There’s also the understated psychological benefit—the mere sight of a fat 30g needle is more than enough to give even the most seasoned Botox® patients the chills. THE INViSIBLE NEEDLE™, on the other hand, has a far less menacing look to it.

Invisible Needle vs 30G Needle Bleeding

Check out this video from TSK that shows the bleeding results from a 33g needle vs. THE INViSIBLE NEEDLE™:

Improve Your Patient Satisfaction

THE INViSIBLE NEEDLE™ offers a tremendous patient satisfaction advantage over the standard 30g needle when administering Botox® injections. At Air-Tite, we’re proud to announce that we will soon carry THE INViSIBLE NEEDLE™, and invite you to contact us to learn more about this revolutionary new way of dispensing botulinum toxin.