From food and beverage testing to environmental sampling and chromatography, Air-Tite supplies the broadest range of products and supplies to meet the needs of laboratory and industrial syringe users. Researchers, lab managers, and production engineers choose Air-Tite for: 

Whether you’re looking for premium glass syringes for chemical resistance, ultra-efficient low dead space products, or a selection of everyday laboratory supplies including lab needles, dispensing tips, and bulk, unsterile lab syringes, Air-Tite and our global manufacturing partners have you covered. 

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Air-Tite is a direct importer of high-quality products from global leaders in more than 10 countries. We stock hundreds of off-the-shelf syringe and needle solutions to meet your application’s needs.

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There’s no space for compromise in laboratory, pharmaceutical, or industrial settings. At Air-Tite, we specialize in sourcing the hard-to-find or niche lab products that your particular process depends on.

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Not finding what you need? Talk to our product experts. We’ll leverage the power of our global manufacturing network to develop a custom solution to your specific hypodermic challenges. 

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Reliability and consistency matter. Simplify purchasing and reduce costs by locking in the inventory of both your everyday supplies and critical hard-to-source components. Contact Air-Tite directly for personalized service or get in touch with a local Air-Tite distribution partner near you.

Our network of certified distribution partners includes nearly every major national distributor of life science laboratory products. 

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Chromatography is a method that chemists use to separate organic and inorganic compounds so that they can be analyzed. Nowadays, chromatography is used for everything from vaccinations to food testing, evidence analysis to drug testing, and everything in between. It’s estimated that over 60% of chemical analysis worldwide is done with chromatography or a variation. According to the Chromatography Institute of America: Our NORM-JECT® syringes "Performed very well and showed no signs of physical damage nor did they produce contaminating peaks in any chromatograms when challenged for 1 hour by any of the commonly used solvents. We highly recommend these all-plastic syringes for use in normal and reverse phase HPLC sample preparation procedures and expect them to perform well for other forms of chromatography analysis techniques such as ion-exchange, hydrophobic interaction, and size exclusion chromatography which uses various aqueous salt and buffer solutions during sample preparation protocols.”

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