Cost Benefits Of Using Low Dead Space (LDS) Products

Cost Benefits Of Using Low Dead Space (LDS) Products

Plastic surgeons, dermatologists, cosmetic physicians, med-spa aestheticians, and nurse injectors all strive to provide their patients with the very best in non-invasive aesthetic procedures.

In addition to employing highly skilled professionals, the quality of the needles, syringes, and microcannulas they use can play an essential role in increasing customer satisfaction, long-term retention, patient referrals, and revenue growth.

A check on today’s aesthetic product costs reveals price points that are all over the map. While low-cost aesthetic products may seem to save practice money in the short term, they may not provide the same long-term benefits and cost savings as some slightly more expensive ones.

Sometimes, paying more for a product on the front-end results in a better overall value and a greater return on investment on the back-end.

Where exactly is the intersection of quality, price, and value for aesthetic products?

Read on to learn more about how to get the best overall cost savings when it comes time to choose aesthetic products that provide the greatest value.

Low-Cost vs. Slightly Higher Prices

You may believe that a syringe is a syringe and a needle is a needle, so why pay more for a higher-priced item if given a choice?

If you were to dig a bit deeper into the benefits that slightly more expensive aesthetic products provide, the increased value becomes readily apparent.

Here are just a few advantages of higher-priced aesthetic products have over low-cost ones:

Low-Dead Space

Due to the inherent design of conventional syringes and needles, some product is inevitably left behind after usage. A regular plunger syringe or standard needle hub may retain a sizable amount of “dead space” – the effective space holding product that cannot be extracted with normal use, sacrificing valuable drops of unused medicine with every injection.

This potentially expensive drug is disposed of with every syringe/needle. Over time, this waste can add up significantly, primarily due to the high cost of medicines. Until recently, there was nothing one could do to prevent this inevitability.

Low Dead Space syringes and needles provide the solution to this by preventing material from being trapped in the syringe tip or needle hub after an injection.

Air-Tite carries multiple lines of syringes that utilize an elongated plunger tip to reduce the effective dead space— thereby effectively allowing almost all of the expensive medicine to be pushed out of the tip). We provide both 3-part and 2-part syringes in brands from Henke-Sass, Wolf; B Braun; and EXEL International. Air-Tite's own line of low dead space MinimLL syringes are offered in 0.5mL options, making them great for precision dosing. 

TSK’s new LDS needle design reduces the excess effective hub space to nearly zero. The LDS needle hub significantly reduces the amount of product left behind, and that can lead to substantial cost savings over time.

If you take the number of units that you may save with each LDS hub needle, and multiply that average savings by 100 needles per box, you may realize a saving that well exceeds the higher price point that you will pay for the LDS needles.

Lori Robertson, MSN, FNP-C, and winner of the 2012 & 2015 Aesthetic Nurse of the Year, shared a video on social media highlighting her experience with low dead space needles. In her testimonial, she discusses how she saves approximately one vial of toxin per box of needles.

Later discussing the topic with her business partner, Dr. Gideon Kwok, Lori Robertson said she saves about $500 per box of low dead space needles, simply by eliminating product waste.

Learn more about the winning combination of German-engineered TSK Laboratory’s Low Dead Space hub needles and B. Braun OMNIFIX® Luer Lock Syringes for near-zero toxin loss.

Happier Customers

There are more benefits to using these LDS needles than just the near-zero retention of liquids. Higher-priced aesthetic products ultimately lead to better outcomes and happier customers.

A conventional needle can seem big and scary to a patient —and may result in pain, bruising, and oozing.

The Invisible Needle by TSK, another LDS option, has an outer diameter of 0.2mm, the thinnest TSK needle ever made. This needle is 33% thinner than the popular TSK 30G needle, which may provide a more comfortable injection experience for your patients.

The Invisible Needle may reduce the pain, bleeding, and bruising that your patients may suffer from injections with other needles. The smaller needle also offers a significant psychological advantage as patients often don’t see the needle and, in many cases, have a hard time feeling it. That leads to a much happier patient who will tell their friends “I never saw the needle coming.”

Other Money-Saving Tips and Options

In addition to saving money in the long run by purchasing premium quality low dead space syringes and needles that reduce expensive product waste, there are several other ways to find that perfect intersection of high-quality products at ideal prices.

Bulk purchase offers

At Air-Tite, we strive to offer our customers the fairest price possible on all of our products. We offer a price break for many of our products when they are purchased by case quantities (often 10 boxes or more). We also offer bulk options for some of our products, giving the customer substantial savings if they need even larger quantities. By buying in bulk, you’ll wind up saving even more money.

Fixed needle savings

If your office prefers to use insulin (fixed needle) syringes for injecting botulinum toxins, Air-Tite carries a full line of 1cc, .5cc, and .3cc insulin syringes coupled with a great selection of needle gauges. Purchasing syringes with fixed needles can be a less expensive alternative than purchasing detached needle barrels and syringes separately.

Coupon codes

For our first-time STERiGLIDE microcannula purchasers, we offer a one-time $10.00 per box discount on any number of boxes, which reduces the cost down to $133.00 for a pack of twenty cannulas and twenty pilot (starter) needles.

The current Air-Tite discount coupon code is CSSGWS21, and you can only use it when ordering through our customer service representatives at 1-866-483-6704. This offer is subject to change at any time, so please confirm availability in advance.

Contact Air-Tite Products through any of our social media pages to receive information on how to earn an exclusive coupon code for providing a review of our products.

The Best Value for Cost

The short-term savings of buying low-cost products pale in comparison to the benefits conveyed by purchasing slightly more expensive aesthetic products. Though we have low-cost options available, these higher-end products allow you to conserve as much of the expensive product as possible while providing a superior customer experience. The result is happier customers and increased revenue, ultimately giving you the best value for the money you spend.

Most options are available through a wide range of national distribution partners. Please contact us for cross-reference information or click below to view our syringe inventory.