The CuraCator™—An Innovative Device for Applying Medical Products Safely and Accurately

The CuraCator™—An Innovative Device for Applying Medical Products Safely and Accurately

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Written by Erin Ashe, MSA, CSA

“Wow! Why didn’t I think of that?” was a phrase that we heard nearly every time we did a live demonstration using the new CuraCator™ device in The Air-Tite Aesthetics Booth at The Aesthetics Show in July 2022. It’s hard to believe a simple device that safely applies products to skin following laser resurfacing and microneedling treatments had not already been invented.

There are currently a few different techniques used to apply PRP, exosomes, serums, ointments, and creams after skin procedures. The most common method is by dripping expensive products directly onto the skin with an open-ended syringe, which is extremely uncontrolled and wasteful. This approach also opens the risk for splatter into a patient’s eye.

Another inefficient current technique is to attach a needle to the syringe as an attempt to control the placement and flow of the product, but this is extremely dangerous. If the patient moves suddenly or the syringe is dropped, the chance of a needle stick injury to the patient or provider is very likely. The CuraCator™ provides the solution to needle-free and controlled application of these expensive products to skin and other tissue.

Benefits of the CuraCator™

Not only does the CuraCator™ solve the problem of dispensing the products, but it also provides the solution to dispersing them across the skin evenly and smoothly. Presently, the practice after the product is applied to the surface of the patient’s skin is to spread it over the treated areas with an unsterile gloved hand. This can lead to contamination or adulteration of the product increasing the potential for infections of the freshly wounded skin.

The micropores on the applicator can also be used to aspirate into a syringe which eliminates any residual waste in the disc of the applicator. Because the CuraCator™ greatly reduces the waste of expensive products, practitioners have options on what to do with the excess.

Some treatment providers choose to send their patients home with the syringe of extra product and the attached CuraCator™ tip to reapply a few hours after their treatment. When using PRP, others choose to use the remainder for under eye or scalp injections as a reduced add-on charge to the patient.

The Versatility of the CuraCator™

Beyond aesthetic procedures, the CuraCator™ can be used after regenerative procedures where skin or other tissue has been compromised, such as burns and chronic wounds. The potential for applications is endless, with many even still undiscovered.

A pre-filled syringe with a CuraCator™ for topical chemotherapy drugs has already been used, which is a brilliant idea to prevent waste of these pricey drugs as well as allow for patients or caregivers to apply safely and hands-free.

The CuraCator™ has revolutionized the way products should be applied and has become the new standard of care. The CuraCator™ was designed and developed by Dr. Janine Hopkins, board-certified dermatologist. The CuraCator™ is a Class 1 FDA-approved medical device accessory manufactured in the US.

It connects to any Luer lock syringe but is recommended to be used with a 3mL syringe or smaller. The CuraCator™ underwent fluid physics studies and has been proven to allow for the flow of products of differing viscosities, including various liquids, gels, ointments, and creams. The CuraCator™ is a sterile, single-use only applicator individually packaged and sold in boxes of 20.

Improve Your Treatment Outcomes With the CuraCator™

Air-Tite Products is proud to announce that we have added the CuraCator™ to our product line. Click below to place your order for the CuraCator™ to modernize your practice and follow the new standard of care by providing safe, controlled, sterile application of products to skin or other tissue.

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