Reducing Aesthetic Injection Pain

Reducing Aesthetic Injection Pain

Reducing Aesthetic Injection Pain

It's no secret that injectables are soaring in popularity. Surgical advancements shorten recovery times and produce more natural-looking results, leading droves of people to their nearest MedSpa or dermatology office. 

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 13 million minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures occurred in 2020, including 3.4 million soft tissue filler procedures and over 4 million Botox treatments. 

However, fear of needles persists as a barrier for many potential clients. A meta-analysis of 35 studies revealed that up to 27% of hospital employees avoid getting the flu vaccination because of fear of needles. The general population's openness to an elective procedure is unlikely to be an easier sell.

To reduce hesitancy among interested patients, aesthetic professionals need tools that minimize pain and bruising. Fortunately, several new products provide a gateway to a previously elusive client base.

New-and-Improved Aesthetic Needles

Needle technology has improved significantly over the last few decades, with thin, ultra-thin, and super-ultra-thin walls enabling more viscous injections through less-invasive needles. Here are some of the top products on the market.

JBP Ultra-Thin Wall NanoNeedles

Manufactured in South Korea and produced with Japanese materials, JBP NanoNeedles use a patented Micron Sharpness for an ultra-sharp needle to easily inject high-density liquids. These nanoneedles have minimal soft-tissue impact thanks to the small surface area injection. JBP offers needles as small as 34g, and all sizes have ultra-thin walls.

TSK STERiJECT Hypodermic Needle

These premium hypodermic needles manufactured in Japan are crafted with surgical stainless steel and a polypropylene hub. You can find a range of available sizes. The 27g x 13mm and 30g x 13mm products are designed with an ultra-thin wall for to allow for more viscous products to flow through them at the smaller gauge sizes<.


THE INViSIBLE NEEDLE is the first of its kind and is TSK's thinnest needle. It is 0.2mm in diameter, which is 33% thinner than a 30g needle.

Beyond appearing less intimidating to patients, THE INViSIBLE NEEDLE's hairlike diameter provides significant cost savings with a low dead space needle hub and external hub threading that prevents pop-off risk and leaking. The sturdy polymer fitting prevents flexing under high pressures. Additionally, patients can expect little to no bruising or bleeding for a nearly pain-free experience.

Recently, Air-Tite's Aesthetic Sales Representative, Erin Ashe, CSA, MSA, discussed the benefits of this needle at the MedSpa Show 2022 with Dr. Gideon Kwok, DO, from The Aesthetic Immersion. Learn more about this innovative product in the interview below.

Cannulas to Prevent Pain and Bruising

Some practitioners prefer cannulas to needles because they offer access to a larger treatment area. Unlike standard sharp needles, a microcannula allows for a single-entry point, reducing discomfort and the need for multiple injections. Additionally, a cannula is safer for preventing complications under certain circumstances. The following options make an excellent addition to any thriving cosmetic surgery practice.

TSK STERiGLIDE™ Aesthetic Cannula

The STERiGLIDE™ line is the only true second-generation microcannula designed for aesthetic injections. Manufactured in Japan, the TSK STERiGLIDE™ microcannulas offer the nearest-to-tip filler delivery and improved flexibility. In addition, it's designed with a proprietary surface treatment to enhance precision and control for fewer mistakes and higher patient satisfaction.

TSK CSH Cannula

These Japanese-made premium flexible cannulas are manufactured with surgical stainless steel. TSK CSH Cannulas offer consistent quality and value for a general-use microcannula with an ultra-thin wall and traditional tip shape.

Dispoderm® Flexible 18g Cannula

These extra-thin wall cannulas from the French company Aesthetic Group provide clinicians with the perfect balance of flexibility and stiffness. In addition, directional markings on the hub make the injection site quick and easy to identify. The large, 18g cannula is popular for fat transfer injections.

Happy Patients Are Good for Business

The rapid growth of the injectables market hasn't gone unnoticed. And the increased demand for injectables brings expanded networks of enthusiastic providers. As a result, patients have options when selecting the location for their next cosmetic procedure. Be first on the list by using high-quality products for superior patient care.

For an extra touch of luxury, consider including the ICE-STICK Aesthetic Cooling Massager in your appointments. Help your patients relax while providing a numbing sensation to sensitive areas. After chilling in the freezer, the reusable ICE-STICK stays cold for at least 40 minutes. The ICE-STICK also helps calm puffiness and swelling, so your patients leave the office looking and feeling good.

With a significant number of adults terrified of needles, it's clear that hurting patients hurts your bottom line. Choosing surgical tools that ease pain and reduce recovery time optimizes patient satisfaction and the likelihood of their returning. Ensure a steady stream of referrals, 5-star reviews, and glowing testimonials by guarding your patients against discomfort. Equip your surgical toolkit with only the best, and enjoy a generous return on your investment.

Learn more about the aesthetic products that help prevent or limit the side effects often associated with treatment and how Low Dead Space products can reduce waste by clicking the box below.

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