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We ship to professionals in Healthcare, Veterinarian, Agricultural, Laboratory, and approved customers. We cannot sell Air-Tite Products to individuals for their personal medical use.

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Who is Air-Tite Products Co., Inc?

Air-Tite Products is a company of syringe and needle experts, specializing in hypodermics since 1926.  We focus on providing personalized service to our customers and distinguish ourselves with hard-to-find niche products.  Air-Tite Products is a direct importer of high-quality products from global leaders in more than 10 different countries, including B|Braun (Germany),Henke Sass Wolf (Germany), TSK Laboratory (Japan), Becton Dickinson (USA), Poulten and Graf (Germany), Exel International (USA), and Bemis Healthcare (USA). Whether you need an off-the-shelf solution from our hundreds of stocked products, or to leverage the capabilities of our manufacturing partners for a custom solution, Air-Tite can identify options that best meet your individual application’s requirements.  We supply hypodermics to diverse industries from human healthcare to pharmaceuticals, animal health, laboratory, industrial, and many others, while our Air-Tite Aesthetics brand concentrates on high-end specialty goods for the discerning aesthetic practitioner.





Can individuals buy from Air-Tite Products for their personal use?

No.  Air-Tite Products Co., Inc. is licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia to sell to medical, veterinary/agricultural, and industrial/commercial professionals and other approved purchasers.  Hypodermic products for human use require proper licensure (DEA number, FEIN, State Corporation number or State Certificate of Use number).

Can Air-Tite ship to Canadian customers?

Air-Tite Products can ship veterinary and laboratory use only products to all Canadian customers. Most products from Henke Sass Wolf, TSK Laboratory, BD, and Exel International are registered with Health Canada for human use. In order to import human use products into Canada you must have obtained an Establishment Number from Health Canada. We cannot ship items intended for human use to Canadian customers unless they supply us with their Establishment Number. Shipments from Air-Tite to Canada do not include taxes and duties, we recommend working with a customs broker if you have questions regarding importation.

What are your terms and conditions?

Once you have established credit we will ship "open account", payment due 10 days after shipment. We also accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. Shipping is prepaid and added unless other arrangements have been made and confirmed. Please see our Return Policy for more information product returns.

What is Air-Tite's holiday schedule?

Air-Tite is closed on the following national holidays: New Year's Day,Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day

How does the Sharps Mail-Back system work?

View the process in our easy-to-follow video below: 


When will my order ship?

Internet orders received by 3:00 p.m. eastern time, Monday - Friday, are normally processed the same day. Shipping of in-stock items will generally take place within one business day. Any items which are out of stock will be identified when your order is acknowledged and will be shipped as soon as they are available. We ship orders from Virginia Beach, VA. Our standard shipping is by UPS Ground, prepaid and added to your invoice.  We will gladly upgrade your shipment to an expedited UPS service at your request.  We can also ship your order by alternate carriers collect on your account.   We accept COD orders delivered by UPS only.  If selecting expedited shipping, please contact us at (800) 231-7762 to confirm items are in stock and able to ship same day.

Collection of Sales Tax

Why is Air-Tite collecting sales tax on my order?

In June 2018 the Supreme Court ruled in a case known as South Dakota v. Wayfair (yes, that’s Wayfair the on-line furniture retailer) that a business no longer has to have a “physical presence” (something like an office, warehouse, store, etc.) in order for a state to require the collection of sales tax. This case overturned a 25 year old court ruling in a case named Quill Corp v. North Dakota. So, now any State that has passed legislation which says that a business with an “economic presence” can require the collection of sales tax.

To see if your state requires sales tax, please open this file: Sales Tax Matrix

COVID-19 Updates

As a globally-sourced importer of hypodermic supplies, we are acutely aware of the impact that the spread of this virus is having on supply streams around the world.  Please see the attached document for our statement effective March 17, 2020. COVID-19 April 1 2020 Update

What does “low dead space” mean?

“Dead space” refers to the small area behind the tip of a syringe where conventional syringe plungers cannot reach. Product in this area cannot be injected during treatment and is often discarded. Air-Tite offers TSK Laboratory low dead space syringes and other products designed to reduce wastage of injectables.

What is the difference between luer lock and luer slip syringes?

Both luer lock and luer slip syringes accept standard hypodermic needles, but luer slip syringes secure these with a tight “friction” fit between the needle base and the syringe tip. Luer lock syringes instead use threads to secure the needle. Luer lock syringes are more provide an extra layer of security to reduce the risk of needle pop off.


Help! I’m struggling to find an unusual needle-syringe combination or other products for my aesthetic practice.

Give us a call. Our helpful, knowledgeable customer service staff are ready to help you find the products, sizes, and combinations you need. And, unlike many aesthetic suppliers, Air-Tite can provide samples of our products for you to try.

Does Air-Tite supply two-part, all-plastic, oil-free veterinary syringes? Sterile or Unsterile? Luer Slip or Luer Lock?

Yes! Air-Tite offers two-part, all-plastic, oil-free syringes designed for veterinary use. Both Luer Slip AND Luer Lock syringes are available in a range of sizes from 1 ml to 50 ml and in sterile or unsterile packaging.

What if I need customized blood-collecting tubes?

Air-Tite can manufacture vacutainers customized to our customer’s specific needs. Select the tube size, tube material, cap style and color, and labeling combination that you need. We also offer additive/non-additive, clot-activator, and EDTA K2/EDTA options.

Help! I am looking for a hard-to-find needle/syringe combination product for veterinary use.

Air-Tite’s unbeatable selection includes rare, specialized, and hard-to-find needle and syringe combinations, (such as 1 ml/25Gx⅝” — available with both Luer Slip and Luer Lock).

What can I do if my product is out of stock?

If we are out of stock, or a product has been discontinued, we can help source an appropriate substitute from another manufacturer or distributor. Another Air-Tite advantage is that if we are unable to source a product, we can develop a custom product (syringe, needle, or vacutainer) for any customer or distributor.

Contact one of our expert customer service representatives to find out more.

How can I be sure a product is in stock, and in the size I need? How can I check pricing?

Our product pages are automatically synced with our inventory system. If an item is out of stock, it will be noted on the product page. If the notice does not appear on the page, it can be assumed the item is in stock. Pricing is also viewable on each product page. If you don’t see the exact supplies you need on our website, please contact our customer support service via phone, email, or our online form. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and check in with our suppliers and local distributors for any items we might not have on hand.

Can I order products from Air-Tite if I am not a registered medical professional?

We ship only to registered healthcare professionals (with a medical license) and approved customers (with a valid business license). We cannot sell Air-Tite products to individuals for their personal medical use.

Can I purchase Air-Tite Products through distributors?

Yes, you can order our products through our various distribution partners, such as, McKesson, Henry Schein, Medline, Cardinal Health, Delasco and more. Alternatively, you can order directly from us!

Would a two-part or three-part syringe be better for my application?

Disposable three-part syringes provide a safe and effective solution for most laboratory and medical purposes. Two-part plastic or glass syringes are sometimes preferred to avoid any potential contamination from the silicone lubricant and/or rubber plungers commonly used in three-part syringes. 

Read more about the differences between two- and three-part syringes here

What is the difference between a Luer Lock and a Luer Slip syringe?

A Luer Lock syringe provides a thread to which a standard needle hub is attached for a more secure fitting. Luer Slip syringes allow needles to be pressed quickly into place for quicker application. 

Learn more about Air-Tite’s Luer Lock syringe products here.

How can I reduce product waste?

Reducing product waste begins with the selection of the appropriate syringe and needle combination.   Air-Tite offers a range of “low dead space” syringes to reduce the amount of product left in the syringe barrel after use. Other syringe-needle combinations provide an inherent advantage, such as fixed needle syringes. 

Read more about how to reduce waste with low dead space syringes here.

What can I do if my product is not in stock?

Air-Tite imports high-quality products from worldwide leaders in equipment manufacturing in more than 10 countries and stocks hundreds of off-the-shelf syringe solutions. If we do not have a hard-to-find or niche product on hand, we’ll work with our global manufacturing partners to come up with a custom solution to meet your needs. 

Contact one of our expert customer service representatives to find out more.