The Process of Customizing Syringe Solutions

The Process of Customizing Syringe Solutions

Custom syringe solutions for medical, veterinary, and aesthetics practices

Air-Tite Products is known for many things; service is high on that list. Service can be found in the overlooked details, a friendly ear interested in learning about your process, a helpful act, or responsiveness when time is critical and valuable.

In the niche hypodermic space, service can also be represented in a willingness to help you find your ideal solution.

We are all guilty at times of using what we know without pausing to ask, “How can this be done better?” There is no shame in that – it’s how the world works. Someone, somewhere, at some point, developed a product that we use and it is suitable for most of the time. However, we occasionally have moments of clarity, imagining a better solution. Ever see a new product on the market and think, “I could have thought of that”? But of course, it’s all easy to see in retrospect…

Partners in Innovation

At Air-Tite, we embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and try to seek new, innovative approaches to the market. Ultimately, to develop new solutions like AML1, MinimLL, or even Wing Web Vaccinators, we must learn from our customers. It is through communication, asking questions, and listening to the challenges of your application that we become experts in our industry. Without this feedback loop, Air-Tite would make products that aren’t needed in the industry, and the industry would be stuck using whatever is available off-the-shelf.

But not every conversation or unique idea leads to a groundbreaking new product being developed. Sometimes our customers are seeking relatively minor modifications to existing products, a small adjustment to make a product more suitable for their application.

The conversations are often similar, beginning with something like, “This is almost perfect, but...” and then describing any number of issues or difficulties they are experiencing. Frequently we haven’t been the first company they’ve contacted (though we are hoping to become the first stop!), and they don’t know how to make these adjustments to achieve a more functional solution.

This is the crossroads where Air-Tite’s network of global supply partners combined with our entrepreneurial approach intersect with your desire for a solution currently only in your imagination. We refer to these as custom solutions, and they are available, even though they aren’t for everyone.

Custom solutions come in many forms. Sometimes it’s as simple as a special label or artwork on an existing line, so it can be co-packaged with your product. Other times it may be a line addition, say for example we offer an 18g x 3" needle and an 18g x 1” needle, but you need an 18g x 2” needle. Maybe your needs are more complex and require the development of injection molds.

The Air-Tite Advantage to Achieving Custom Solutions

Some companies focus on small-scale customized solutions, and they can help if you only need a small number, like say 100 of something. We can offer suggestions if this applies to your starting point. Where Air-Tite adds the most value is typically in applications that will use 100,000 or more syringes (needles too!) during a given timeframe. Let’s look at an example of the full process.

Company XYZ regularly uses a certain needle (14g x 1-¼” metal hub) with a certain syringe (20mL Luer lock). However, their team members must open the syringe package, then open the needle package, then assemble the two prior to use, and they have a high volume operation. The staff think, “I want this component and this other component, but no one puts them together in a way that is user-friendly for my operation.” Searching for a more optimal solution, they have tried a few sources in their supply chain but so far have yet to be successful. In addition to the wastefulness of dual packaging, the management team feels they are using unnecessary resources with the time spent on assembling these two common parts.

After contacting several suppliers, Company XYZ submits an inquiry to Air-Tite Products. We respond with a few pertinent questions to help us ensure alignment with the company’s goals. Among the first questions are variations of the following:

  • How many syringes do you need and with what frequency?
  • Do you have any specific requests such as materials of construction?
  • Do you have a target price?
  • How soon do you need the first batch?
  • Do you have any country-of-origin concerns?

Armed with this information, Air-Tite goes to work seeking to match the customer’s needs with our network of manufacturing partners. We obtain details regarding minimum order quantity, lead time, and pricing as well as troubleshoot any potential obstacles in the path.

From there, we are often able to provide samples of the actual product - a new 20mL syringe with an attached 14g x 1-¼” metal hub needle - or a similar substitute. If special artwork (labels, boxes, etc.) is required, then there may be a bit of ongoing communication as templates are drafted and approved.

In terms of the custom solutions process, we can share some generalities about how that works:

  • If you’re looking for something relatively simple such as private label branding, ungraduated syringes, unassembled components, or minor modifications not related to the physical construction of the syringe, then typical minimum order quantities are about 100,000 syringes and the lead time is 4-6 months.
  • If you have a more complex design or need to change the physical characteristics of the syringe, then you would typically need to develop and purchase the mold cavity which adds roughly 3-4 months to the process.

Again, these are just general rules of thumb. There are many exceptions and often we can find you a simpler solution with a smaller minimum and a shorter lead time.

So, ready to start the process? Give us a call at (800) 231-7762 or submit our form below and we’ll contact you. Let’s have a conversation about the optimal solution for your application.