High-Value or Budget Aesthetics Products: Both Have a Place

High-Value or Budget Aesthetics Products: Both Have a Place

When it comes to purchasing aesthetic products for your practice, you might notice that there is sometimes an appreciable price difference between certain items.

For many applications, the more expensive product offers far greater value and outcome than the budget ones. However, there is a time and a place where budget products provide a distinct advantage over costlier alternatives.

In this article, we'll explore the reasons why you might choose to buy either high-value or budget aesthetics products since both have their place.

Advantages of Budget Aesthetic Products

It’s easy to say that there is no good time to select a product based on it being the cheapest available. However, if you’ve just opened up a new clinic, it might make sense to initially choose economical products due to the financial pressures of just starting out.

For example, you might choose to use a first-generation cannula that costs 30% less than what the premium product does. Budget products like this might be a sound choice until the practice is fully up, running, and turning a profit.

Another example of when using a budget product might make sense is when it comes to injecting toxins. You need to inject a tiny amount, but it’s challenging to read the little measurement lines on the syringe and get it just right. Especially on larger syringes, the teeny increment lines can be barely readable to some.

But less expensive and smaller diabetic insulin syringes offer an advantage as they have easily read 0.01mL markings, allowing for accurate small dosing. The downside is that these are designed for a single injection of insulin and not for multiple injections for facial aesthetics, so there’s a tradeoff between the two.

Advantages of High-Value Aesthetic Products

There are plenty of places where you can cut costs to maximize profits. But those that can compromise patient outcomes and experiences should not be one of them.

The aesthetic medical practice’s mission is built on providing the most up-to-date and best care to assure a safe and pleasant patient experience. Patient satisfaction comes from the injector’s skill and a near-painless experience, often correlated with using higher-end needles, syringes, and other aesthetic products.

Patient experience has always been a critical element of any medical practice’s success. However, a recent Harvard Business Review survey found that healthcare executives are now prioritizing their focus on the experience they deliver above lowering costs and increasing revenue. The reason for that is apparent- a satisfied patient will tell their friends and family about the wonderful experience (and results) they had.

Unfortunately, patient safety and comfort may be compromised if a nurse-injector or physician skimps on the cost of the materials they use. Though a bit more expensive, a needle that remains sharp throughout a full syringe of neurotoxin, or a microcannula that doesn’t bend out of shape or become occluded, can usually provide a better patient experience (and outcome) than one associated with the less expensive options.

Low Dead Space (LDS) syringes and needles provide another example of a high-value product being worth the added cost. While these syringes and needles are a little more expensive, they make up for it by delivering significant savings when injecting toxins and other expensive products. However, their traditional hub counterparts may be a more suitable option for less expensive injections.

Budget vs. High-Value Aesthetic Products

There’s a time and a place for choosing a budget aesthetic product over a high-value one. If you’re just starting your practice or would like more advice on aesthetic product purchasing best practices, there are several Medspa consulting firms out there that can help improve your profitability.

At Air-Tite, we carry a wide selection of budget, Low Dead Space, and premium needles, cannulas, and syringes that will add immense value to your practice. We’re always happy to help you find the right product for your practice.

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