The MinimLL™ Syringe: A New Standard for Aesthetic Injections

The MinimLL™ Syringe: A New Standard for Aesthetic Injections

MinimLL Syringes from Air-Tite

One of the most common and popular products used for aesthetic injections is a fixed-needle insulin syringe—but why? Read on to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of insulin syringes and a new alternative.

Disadvantages of Using Insulin Syringes for Aesthetic Injections

There are many disadvantages to using an insulin needle for aesthetic injections, and they may outweigh the benefits. One disadvantage of using a fixed-needle insulin syringe for aesthetic injections is that it was designed for just that—insulin injections. Insulin syringes are meant for one single injection, which is why the needle dulls quickly when used for multiple injections. Because the needle is fixed, you cannot simply replace the dull needle with a fresh one or change the needle out for a smaller gauge needle, like a 33g or 34g to make the patient more comfortable. Oftentimes the first stick of the needle is used to pierce the vial to draw up the toxin which is already causing needle tip degradation before using it on the patient! If the rubber stopper of the vial is removed for draw-up, even the needle hitting the side of the glass vial can cause damage to the needle tip before the actual injection takes place. Not only that, but de-capping the vial opens up the potential for compromised sterility of the product.

Advantages of Using Insulin Syringes for Aesthetic Injections

The primary advantage of using an insulin syringe for aesthetic injections is that there is nearly no waste of product since the needle is connected directly to the syringe, eliminating hub space. Saving on waste saves money! Another advantage of using insulin syringes is that they come in a smaller volume capacity that allows for easier-to-read graduations. This leads to more precise dosing of neurotoxin units.

A New Alternative Option for Aesthetic Injections

Have you ever wished you could replace the needle on an insulin syringe with a more high-quality or smaller gauge needle, so you can reap the benefits of the syringe while using a needle that stays sharper for longer? Have you ever hoped to be able to use a different needle for drawing up into the insulin syringe? Have you ever wished you could attach a cannula to an insulin syringe? Now you can have the best of both worlds with an Air-Tite original product, the MinimLL™ syringe!

The MinimLL™ syringe is the first 0.5 mL low dead space luer lock syringe to hit the U.S. market!

The brand name was derived from the combination of the word “mini” and the abbreviation for milliliters. The double L represents that it has a Luer Lock tip. All together pronounced as the word “Minimal” because the syringe holds a minimal amount of volume.

Features include:

  • Easy to read 0.01 mL graduations for precise dosing of the smallest volumes
  • Low Dead Space Plunger Tip allows for minimal residual volume-especially when combined with a low dead space needle (sold separately)
  • Luer Lock Tip lowers the risk of needle pop-off and allows for exchanging between needles for draw up and needles for injection
  • Pink plunger that indicates a percentage of our sales will be donated to breast cancer research and awareness programs. Together, we can help find a cure!
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