Introducing Our New 1mL Luer Lock 2-Part Syringe!

Introducing Our New 1mL Luer Lock 2-Part Syringe!

Brand new 1mL Luer Lock 2-Part Syringe from Air-Tite Products

In the world of laboratory research, reliability, precision, and purity are paramount. Air-Tite Products has developed a reputation for providing hard-to-find solutions, excellent products, and competitive prices. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our newest offering, a 1mL Luer Lock, 2-Part Syringe. For the last 20 years, this has been the single most frequently requested item for our entire portfolio, but due to manufacturing limitations we had no solution to offer. We are pleased to announce that we have identified a manufacturing partner with the capability of helping us bring this long-requested product to market. This new laboratory tool has the potential to be a game-changer in the industry, filling a gap that our customers have been asking to fill for years.

5 Benefits of the 1mL Luer Lock 2-Part Syringe

If you are one of the many who requested this syringe, then you know the benefits of this syringe for your application. If you are not familiar with this product, allow us to introduce the Air-Tite Premium Laboratory 1mL, 2-Part, Luer Lock Syringe.

  1. Reliability: Laboratory work demands reliability and consistency like no other, and our newest offering delivers an ISO regulated General Purpose Syringe that complies with all international standards which include performance characteristics like gliding forces, vacuum pressure, chemical properties, and Luer fittings which allow this syringe to function with any similar Luer fitting.
  2. Precision: Graduated to 1.0mL in 0.01mL increments, accurate dosing of small aliquots is possible..
  3. Purity: As a 2-Part Syringe, there is no rubber or silicone oil present. We’ve had countless conversations with laboratory scientists who eventually traced contamination back to the least expected source – a standard syringe. These are made from polypropylene (barrel), polyethylene (plunger), and an oleamide lubricant embedded in the raw pellets prior to injection molding.
  4. Safety: The locking mechanism helps to prevent disengagement of attached items, while the positive stop is intended to reduce the likelihood of accidental plunger removal during fluid draw-up.
  5. Waste economy: Equipped with a Low Dead Space Plunger, this syringe helps reduce waste of potentially valuable products by limiting the amount of empty space found in the Luer tip of many syringes.

A Solution Brought on by Customer Demand

At the heart of this innovation is a dedication to serving our customers who are advancing laboratory research. You ask, we listen, and we do our best to find the solution. The 1mL, 2-Part, Low Dead Space, Luer Lock syringe is an embodiment of our commitment to your needs.

These Luer Lock Syringes are available in Sterile (#AML1) or Unsterile (#AMB1LL) options.

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