Reducing Aesthetic Injection Pain

Injectables and other non-invasive beauty treatments have exploded in popularity over the past decade. It’s given rise to many plastic surgeons and aesthetic medical spas offering such treatments as injecting neurotoxins and dermal fillers in addition to their regular services.

With so much competition in the market, many clinics rely on word-of-mouth to retain and land new clients. However, one of the biggest consumer concerns with injectables is the needles themselves, along with their accompanying side effects.

Studies have shown that around 20% of the population has some degree of fear of needles, and 10% of those have Trypanophobia—the irrational or excessive fear of needles. The unease of getting injected and the accompanying bruising that sometimes occurs can make many current and prospective patients hesitant to get the procedure performed.

Read on to learn more about how beauty clinics and plastic surgeons can reduce aesthetic injection pain, mitigate bruising, and ultimately land more clients as a result.

A Prickly Procedure

Sticking an ultra-sharp piece of metal into the facial or upper body area is nobody’s idea of a good time. The vast majority of people who regularly undergo non-invasive injectable treatments simply grin and bear it with a “no pain, no gain” attitude.

However, the short-lived pain sensation that accompanies a needle injection into the skin isn’t the only potential downside. Some patients will often experience:

One of the main reasons people seek non-invasive beauty procedures is the relatively short time it takes to see results. But, if bruising, swelling, or bleeding occurs, the patient will often socially exclude themselves until it goes away—which could take several days or weeks.

They might also experience slightly different results than they got with their last procedure, based on the limitations of the needle and the availability of the person who usually performs the injections.

Needles vs. Microcannulas

The extent and severity of the side effects often depend on the gauge of the needle and the person’s skills performing the injection. While some clinics utilize ice or topical anesthetic creams to help numb the injection area, swelling and bruising can still occur.

This is why many plastic surgeons, dermatologists and esthetic medical spas are turning to aesthetic microcannula or ultra-fine needle injections as a means of further reducing the chances of bruising and other potentially dangerous side effects.

Needle technology has improved significantly over the last few decades and most aesthetic specialty needles now have thin, ultra-thin, or super-ultra-thin walls which allow thicker (more viscous) material to be injected through a smaller needle.

In contrast to a standard metal needle, a microcannula allows for a single entry point, thereby reducing the need for multiple injections. It also helps reduce pain and overall discomfort during the procedure.

A study performed by Fulton, et al., entitled “Filler Injections with the Blunt Tip Microcannulas” (Journal of Drugs in Dermatology) observed ninety-five patients who received dermal filler injections with hypodermic needles and microcannulas.

The Visual Analog Scale for pain assessment was used during the injections, with differing results. The pain experienced was described as a 3 (mild) for injections with microcannulas, increasing to 6 (moderate) for injections with hypodermic needles.

Bruising and ecchymosis were marked more frequently following the use of hypodermic needles. The study concluded that “Using blunt tip microcannulas as an alternative to hypodermic needles has simplified filler injections and produced less bruising, ecchymosis, and pain, with faster recovery.”

The reduced side effects of microcannulas present med spas and physicians’ offices with a huge marketing opportunity through their website, social media channels, as well as video client testimonials.

Mitigating Injection Pain and Bruising

There are many state-of-the-art products currently on the market that can help eliminate pain and the accompanying bruising, swelling, and bleeding that’s often associated with a traditional needle:

TSK STERiGLIDE™ Aesthetic Cannula

Manufactured in Japan, the TSK STERiGLIDE™ offers the nearest to tip filler delivery. The tip design provides improved flexibility for improved precision and optimal control. The STERiGLIDE line is the only true second generation microcannula designed specifically for aesthetic injections.

TSK CSH Cannula

These made-in-Japan premium flexible cannulas are made of surgical stainless steel coupled with a polypropylene hub. For those seeking a lower cost, general-use microcannula, these offer consistent quality at a reduced price.

TSK Low Dead Space Needles

The Low Dead Space (LDS) Needles from TSK are designed to reduce the excess effective hub dead space to nearly zero.

Simply put, there is virtually no wasted expensive medicine left behind in the hub of the needle. This could potentially result in cost savings for your practice never before realized. They will be available in three sizes: the 30G x 13mm, the 33G x 9mm, and the 33G x 13mm.

TSK STERiJECT Hypodermic Needle

These premium hypodermic needles are manufactured in Japan with surgical stainless steel and a polypropylene hub. Most popular for aesthetics injections are the 30g, 32g and 33g needles.

Dispoderm® Flexible 18G Cannula

These extra-thin wall cannulas from The Aesthetic Group (France) provide clinicians with a superior balance of flexibility vs. stiffness. They’re directionally marked, thereby making it quick and easy to identify where to inject. The large, 18g cannula is often used for fat transfer injections.


THE INViSIBLE NEEDLE is the first needle of its kind and TSK’s thinnest needle available to date. It is 0.2mm in diameter, which is 33% thinner than a 30G needle. The extremely small diameter of THE INViSIBLE NEEDLE results in a near painless experience for patients, with minimal to no bruising or bleeding.

Recently, Air-Tite’s Aesthetic Sales Representative, Erin Ashe, CSA, MSA, discussed the benefits of this needle at the MedSpa Show 2022. There she was interviewed by Dr. Gideon Kwok, DO, from The Aesthetic Immersion. You can see the interview below.

JBP Ultra-Thin Wall NanoNeedles

Engineered in Japan using Japanese raw materials, JBP NanoNeedles from Korea use a patented Micron Sharpness, which results in an ultra-sharp needle that allows for the injection of higher density liquids. Thanks to the minimal surface area injection, these nanoneedles have a very minor impact upon soft-tissue, thereby resulting in happier patients. JBP offers needles as small as 34g, and all sizes are ultra-thin walls.

Happier Patients and Increased Business

More people are turning to injectables and other non-invasive procedures to look their very best.

Plastic surgery and dermatology offices, and aesthetic med spas can land more clients through marketing and word-of-mouth based on the reduced swelling, bruising, and pain that microcannulas offer their patients.

Learn more below about the wide range of microcannula products that can help prevent or limit the side effects often associated with a standard needle.

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