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The CuraCator™ was designed and developed to meet the need for hands-free, needle-free, controlled application of products to skin or other tissue. Made in the USA, the patented CuraCator™ device is a sterile, single-use only applicator that simply attaches to any Luer lock syringe, providing a solution that alleviates safety concerns and risks of product waste or contamination. Dripping products such as platelet-rich plasma, exosomes, or other serums from syringes through a needle is dangerous. Applying products by dripping them onto tissue from an open-ended syringe leads to waste and little control. Wiping product onto tissue with a gloved hand can lead to contamination or adulteration of product. The goal of the CuraCator™ is to become the new standard of care for allowing product (whether liquid, cream, or ointment), to be safely and accurately applied to the skin or other tissue. Made from durable Triton plastic. FDA Class 1 Medical Device Accessory.

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