Best Reusable Syringe for Cattle and Other Livestock

Best Reusable Syringe for Cattle and Other Livestock

Repeater Syringes for Cattle

High-quality tools are essential for managing large livestock like cattle. One of the most useful tools with bovine is an adjustable, reusable syringe that you can depend on - specifically a repeater syringe.

A reusable syringe is a hand-held, automatic syringe device that allows for multi-dose applications. There are many different kinds of reusable syringes available on the market tailored to different animals, so it is important to know which is best for your specific application. You must also consider the size of the animal when choosing the most appropriate reusable syringe. For instance, the Multi-Matic® repeater syringe device meets various needs for adult cattle, but young calves may require a different type of reusable syringe. Some practices require a more specialized device, such as the Henke-Ject® TBC, designed specifically for tuberculin testing.

According to Dr. Christine Long, Veterinarian and owner of Pineview Veterinary Hospital, it is important for a repeater syringe to feature a high-volume capacity, with adjustable and accurate dosing. Additionally, the sterilization process should be convenient to minimize the risk of contamination and keep things running efficiently. 

Here are some critical factors for your farm or veterinary practice to select the best repeater syringe for cattle or livestock, along with helpful insights from an actual customer.

Key Considerations for Choosing the Best Reusable Syringe for Cattle

Some primary uses for a repeater syringe in cattle include oxytocin and vaccine administration. A repeater syringe with an ergonomic design and adjustable dosing is particularly important if you have large populations of livestock, such as in a feedlot.

Oxytocin has various uses in dairy cows, beef cattle, and other livestock, including swine, sheep, and horses. Each injection typically contains 20 USP units of oxytocin per milliliter. Injecting oxytocin helps induce labor, speed up the birthing process, evacuate uterine debris after birth (like the placenta), contract the uterus after cesarean section, and promote milk let-down by stimulating the mammary gland's smooth muscle cells.

Repeater syringes are also ideal for vaccinations, as cattle typically require several vaccines. Cows should be vaccinated if their risk of exposure to a particular pathogen is high, and you can justify the cost of purchasing the vaccine.

Although vaccines don't offer 100 percent protection, they can reduce the burden of disease on your cattle. Like human vaccines, cattle vaccines can be produced from live bacteria or viruses, a piece of the pathogen, or a killed version of the disease-causing organism. Some vaccines require boosters or periodic revaccination to stay effective.

Core vaccinations for cattle include the respiratory core (IBR, PI3, BRSV, and BVD Types I and II), the reproductive core (IBR, BVD Types I and II, Leptospirosis), and the Clostridium core (Blackleg plus Redwater, C. haemolyticum and/or Tetanus, C. tetani). If you're not a veterinarian, you should consult one locally to determine the best vaccine approach for your herd.

Additionally, mounting type may need to be a consideration when selecting the best reusable syringes for certain applications. Some reusable syringes use tubing, which can be problematic for larger animals if they become tangled in the tubes when you're trying to accurately deliver and administer an injection. Others use a bottle attachment, potentially making the device heavier or difficult to use depending on the animal.

With the Henke-Sass, Wolf (HSW) Multi-Matic®, there are no bottle or tubing attachments to be concerned with, making it ideal for bovine and other livestock.

How the Multi-Matic® Meets Your Needs

There are several advantages to choosing the Multi-Matic® over other repeater syringes. 

First, its pressure-cast aluminum handle and medical-grade polycarbonate barrel are strong but lightweight. In addition, the polycarbonate barrel is nearly break-proof, resistant to UV rays, biocompatible, chemically resistant to most medications (not recommended for use with Regu-Mate®), and fully autoclavable up to 134 degrees Celsius or 273 degrees Fahrenheit. Finally, the metal luer lock fitting is molded to the barrel for maximum durability.

The Multi-Matic®'s simple design minimizes the need for spare parts. However, if you have an issue, it's easy to find replacement parts from Air-Tite Products. Save yourself the trouble and expense of ordering a new syringe by only making minor fixes if needed.

Precisely administering the selected dose is critical, and the Multi-Matic® makes that possible with easy metered-dose settings. The HSW Multi-Matic® dosage wheel delivers 0.5ml metered doses (up to 2.5ml) on the 25ml Multi-Matic®, or 1ml metered doses (up to 5ml) on the 50ml HSW Multi-Matic®. Accuracy of the Multi-Matic® is rated at an impressive tolerance of less than 1 percent.

The Multi-Matic® meets all of the needs for the primary uses of a repeater syringe with cattle and other livestock.

careful considerations must be taken when choosing the best repeater syringe for cattle and livestock

What Real Farmers Are Saying

It's one thing to design an excellent product like the Multi-Matic®. But seeing how it holds up with live animals is another thing. So to get the story from the field, we asked Jorge Jiménez, an experienced cattle farmer about his use of the Multi-Matic®. Here's what he had to say:

"It is an excellent tool when veterinarians or farmers need to have precise injections for vaccines, antibiotics, dewormer, vitamins, and other products. I've personally watched a cattleman administer vaccines, dewormer, and vitamins to 1,200 animals using this for each product (with a reserve in case it was needed). The lifetime of this syringe is very long, but it is important to regularly clean them. My recommendation is simply using soap and water on the O-ring and the barrel to help extend its [functioning period]. I also suggest purchasing an additional barrel and O-ring to swap out if necessary."

Sam Lindamood, of Clearview Farms, says that “The HSW Multi-Matic® from Air-Tite Products is a superior tool, and essential in the productivity of our long-time family-owned beef cattle farm. It makes administering vaccines simple, easy and safe.”

The Multi-Matic® was designed in a controlled environment, with the chaos of rugged ranching life in mind. Order a Multi-Matic® repeater syringe today to make your cattle operations more efficient!