Best Syringes for Laboratory Use [Buying Guide]

At their most basic level, laboratory syringes are nothing more than simple vessels that allow for the transfer of liquid materials. But each type of syringe is best for a specific application, which results in several purchasing considerations, such as:


When it comes to selecting the correct laboratory syringe, it pays to know which one is best for your intended application. 

For example, some lab applications require an ultra-sterile delivery method. A standard 3-part syringe can introduce foreign materials, such as silicon oil, into the process and potentially affect the results. 

At Air-Tite, we carry a wide selection of laboratory and industrial syringes in various sizes, materials, and price points. Read on to learn more about how the right lab syringes can help increase throughput while maintaining process stability, product quality, and compliance.

Air-Tite Lab Syringes

Air-Tite Products offers the best syringes for laboratory use, including three lines of glass syringes to fit your budget. We also have a wide variety of hypodermic needles, dispensing tips, and bulk unsterile syringes. 

Our syringes are ideal for a wide range of laboratories and industries, including:

Air-Tite Luer Lock Bulk Unsterile Syringe

Each lab has different needs, but many are overpaying for syringes because they don’t know less expensive, yet quality options are available. Other times, labs may be paying extra for a sterile syringe option that isn’t necessary.

The Air-Tite Luer Lock Bulk Unsterile Syringe is a good option for many lab uses. Air-Tite syringes are typically much less expensive than name brands and yet serve the same function as a basic vessel for the transfer of liquid materials. Our syringes are made to the same ISO standards as other options but have not been filed with the FDA for human use. 

2-Part Syringes

NORM-JECT syringes

2-part syringes, such as NORM-JECT ® and Henke-Ject®, are also widely used because of their unique characteristics due to the lack of silicone oil and no rubber parts. Chromatography, oils, glues, medicines, and paints all have some level of interaction with silicone oil or rubber and can get contaminated.

Other Types of Lab Syringes

There are several other types of laboratory syringes, such as:

Pre-fill syringes 

Pre-fill syringes are often used for a custom project and a specific application. Lead times can be very long for the first order, and there are instances where procuring a reliable supply can be problematic. Pre-fills are ideal for applications where a substance will need to stay in a syringe for an extended period.  

COC and COP 

COC and COP syringes are more expensive than polypropylene but less expensive than glass. They offer several distinct benefits, such as:


Zylar is a relatively new entry into the disposable syringe market. It is an impact modified styrene acrylic copolymer that offers exceptional toughness, ease of processing, and low density. It’s also ETO and gamma sterilizable. Zylar syringes work great for injection molded applications that require extreme durability.AIR-TITE LUER LOCK BULK UNSTERILE SYRINGE

Which Syringe is Right for Your Lab?

At Air-Tite, we offer a wide selection of laboratory and industrial syringes and related products. We also have budget options, high-end excellent quality items, and everything in between. Most options are available through a wide range of national distribution partners. Please contact us for cross-reference information.

You can also visit our laboratory syringes page to view our available products.