Popular Needles for Ophthalmology

Popular Needles for Ophthalmology

Needles for Ophthalmology

At Air-Tite Products, we value being able to provide high-quality products for specialty uses. Most of our human health products are utilized across many different areas of specialties, from aesthetics and dermatology to oncology and ophthalmology.

TSK Needles for Ophthalmology

Our ophthalmology customers commonly order TSK needles for intravitreal injections for the treatment of macular edema and retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), sclerotomy incisions, and injection of intravitreal implants and placement of intra-ocular lenses (IOL).

Many ophthalmology practices choose TSK needles because of their exceptional sharpness, wide variety of sizes available, and needle hub options. TSK needles are made of a hard polymer that prevents flexing of the hub when exposed to high pressures; the built-in exterior threading allows for a tight Luer Lock connection that prevents needle pop-off at the hub. Preventing needle pop-off is especially important due to the extremely delicate anatomy in and around the eye. Air-Tite is also proud to offer the TSK line of low dead space hub needles, which is designed to reduce the effective space left behind in the needle hub to close to zero, leading to significant cost savings when injecting expensive drugs.

Gauges to Consider for Ophthalmology

The most popular gauges ordered for these ophthalmic procedures are 30G, 32G, 33G, and 0.2 (14% thinner than 33G). These TSK needles are available in a wide variety of lengths as well, including a range from 4 mm to 13 mm.

Trust Air-Tite Products for Your Ophthalmology Needles & Syringes

At Air-Tite Products, we carry a wide selection of both needles and syringes to meet your Ophthalmology needs. Most product options are available through a wide range of national distribution partners. Use the links below to explore our Ophthalmology products or contact us with any questions you may have or for cross-reference information.