Air-Tite Introduces New 50ml 2-Part Syringe for Veterinary & Laboratory Applications

Air-Tite Introduces New 50ml 2-Part Syringe for Veterinary & Laboratory Applications

The New 50ml 2-part syringe for veterinary and laboratory use.

The Animal Health market depends heavily on the use of an affordable, all-plastic, 2-part syringe that holds larger volumes (greater than 20ml). 2-Part syringes are unique options, as they contain no rubber or silicone oil, as found in many traditional syringes. This is especially crucial for many veterinary applications, including commonly practiced equine and canine breeding procedures.

You might be familiar with a product that we previously carried: The HSW 50ml 2-part syringe, item A50. This product was a high-quality, German-made syringe that became a staple for the breeding industry. The discontinuation of this product left a large void for many loyal A50 users.

As a committed supporter of the veterinary community and our customers, Air-Tite sought out a suitable solution to address this product vacancy.

After many months of anticipation, Air-Tite Products is thrilled to announce the launch of our new 50ml 2-part syringe. Air-Tite Premium Veterinary/Laboratory syringes are offered in both Luer Slip and Luer Lock variations.

Syringe specifications to include:

  • 50ML syringe graduated to 60ML
  • All plastic – no rubber, no silicone oil
  • <0.2%, oleamide used, not derived from animals
  • Lab & Veterinary use only
  • 30 Sterile, blister-packed syringes/box –12 boxes/case
  • ISO regulated general purpose syringe that complies with all international standards
  • Dimensions are virtually identical to HSW Discontinued A50/AL50
  • Materials: Syringe Barrel: Polypropylene (PP), Plunger: High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • MEA-tested
  • Manufactured in China

To see how our new innovative AMS50 compares to the discontinued A50, click here!


We were able to provide some of our loyal customers with early-access samples of our new syringes. See what they had to say:

“Everyone loves the new syringes! Our sales staff, tech guru, and production goddess all are very impressed with the smooth glide on the new syringes. They look and operate fantastic!”
– Animal Reproduction Systems

“My colleagues in R&D were quite happy with the sample prototype of the 50ml 2-piece you sent us!”
– AVID Radiopharmaceuticals

“Following up on the samples-They are wonderful! Much better than the other option we were using. The team is VERY excited about these.”
– Revival Animal Health

AMS50 and AML50 Available for Pre-Order Now!

For a limited time only, Air-Tite is offering a special introductory price of $287.52 per case ($23.96 box price when ordering by full case quantity).

To take advantage of this limited-time offer, click below to order via email, phone, or online now!


Interested in learning more about Air-Tite’s wide inventory of products and equipment serving the Animal Health industry? Check out our new Animal Health Catalog. To request a physical catalog, please call or email.