The Best Method for Human Blood Collection

The Best Method for Human Blood Collection

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Human blood collection is a common practice that is performed regularly to gather blood samples for different types of lab testing. Blood specimens are collected to help identify illnesses, disorders, and other conditions (such as high cholesterol levels or electrolyte imbalances). They are also used to help monitor patients after surgery or if they are starting new treatments.

Venipuncture Blood Collection Technique

Venous, Arterial, and Capillary blood are the different types of blood specimens that require different collection methods. The most common human blood collection technique is venipuncture (for venous blood), which also may be referred to as phlebotomy. This procedure involves drawing blood from a vein and then sending it to a lab for testing purposes.

When drawing blood with the venipuncture technique, the first thing you, as the clinician, should do is apply a tourniquet on a patient’s arm (in a downward position) and clean the injection site. You would then attach the multi-sample luer adapter by inserting it securely into a blood collection tube holder (if one is not already attached). This adaptor is included in our blood collection sets but can also be purchased separately. When using a winged (butterfly) blood-collecting set, you would grasp the wings with your thumb and pointer finger and use your alternate thumb to stretch the skin and anchor the vein. You would then Insert the needle into the vein. Once blood is seen, you would press the blood collection vacutainer tube into the tube holder, which will vacuum draw out the blood. After the vacutainer is filled with blood, you can remove the tube and repeat if more vials of blood are needed. When the collection is complete, the tourniquet can be removed, and sterilized gauze should be applied over the insertion site. The needle can then be pulled out slowly.

Here is a video if you would like a demonstration of the procedure using an EXEL blood-collecting set.

Human Blood Collection Sets and Needles

Our Exel International Blood Collecting Sets are very popular and are offered in three different sizes. Each set comes with 12” tubing with either 21g x ¾”, 23g x ¾”, or 25g x ¾” needles. The needle gauge size should be selected based on the patient’s vein size. In some cases, a smaller needle (larger gauge) might be preferred to avoid damaging the blood vessel and provide more patient comfort. We offer Exel International Blood Collecting Needles separately in sizes ranging from 20g-22g in various lengths.

Selecting the Correct Vacutainer Tubes for Human Blood Collection

We offer various vacutainer tubes with different manufacturing materials, size selections, and additives that support multiple testing options.

When looking for the right vacutainer tube for your application, you will need to know what additives are needed for your specific testing requirements. These additives often prevent or activate clotting, which may be necessary for different tests. The color of each vacutainer top represents the different additives and helps to identify the final blood product submitted for testing.

We offer both glass and plastic options for our blood collection tubes. Depending on the type of testing being done, one may be more suitable for the user than the other. Glass tubes are the traditional option for human blood collection. They require siliconization to prevent coagulation activation that often occurs when blood meets glass surfaces. Plastic material may reduce the risk of hemolysis (the breakdown of red blood cells) and coagulation cascade (blood clotting). Plastic tubes also have a higher tolerance to high centrifuge speeds, and their shock resistance provides for safer use for lab techs.

Different tests require differing amounts of blood, which is why we offer tubes in various sizes.

Below is a breakdown of some of the Air-Tite's options for human use:

Air-Tite also carries a separate line of tubes specific for veterinary/laboratory uses.

Additional Products to Consider for Human Blood Collection

Our Blood Collection Holders and other accessories (such as multi-sample luer adapters) are commonly purchased with blood-collecting needles and sets. The blood collection holders are made of translucent plastic which makes it easier to see when collecting blood. They provide a secure connection to blood collection tubes. The multi-sample luer adapters permit several samples to be taken with a single puncture. They can be used to convert infusion sets into blood collection sets.

Our Exel Winged Infusion Sets come in a variety of sizes and lengths ranging from 19g to 27g, and our Exel Safety Winged Infusion Set gauge sizes range from 21g to 25g. These Infusion products are typically used for supplying drugs and fluid through the vein, but in some cases, they are also used for blood collection.

Human Blood Collection Supplies from Air-Tite

At Air-Tite we offer various blood-collecting tools to fit your needs. Click below to see a wide range of blood collection products to fit your specific needs. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Ask us about custom solutions!

Most product options are available through a wide range of national distribution partners. Please contact us for cross-reference information.

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