FLEX PRP Accessory Kit

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The Air-Tite FLEX PRP Accessory Kit contains essential components to assist with PRP procedures. The kit works with most any PRP kit on the market, and offers high quality supplies to facilitate blood draw, fluid transfer, and injection. Containing components from manufacturers around the globe, this kit combines all the additional accessories you need in a cost effective, space saving, convenient package. Each component in the kit can also be purchased separately. FLEX PRP contains: 3 options for blood draw - multi-sample collector, winged scalp vein set, or direct needle. Two high quality, ultra-thin wall injection options - 30g or 33g (2 of each needle) 6 syringes from German manufacturer Henke-Sass, Wolf Additional supplies - gauze, prep pads, tourniquet, syringe connector, and a transfer needle.

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Air-Tite Catalog #
FDA 510k CE registered ISO 9001
Take advantage of a bulk discount (save $5.00 per box) by ordering by the case instead of by the box (10 boxes per case).
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